Arun Mani J

About Me

Note: If you need a formal description, then please check out my resume.

I’m Arun Mani. You might me find me online with names J Arun Mani or Arun Mani J. Here J is my initial. Please address me by my full name Arun Mani or just Arun. Whatever you feel comfortable with 🙂.

My native is Tamil Nadu, India. I can speak Tamil (mother tongue!), English and can understand and speak basic Hindi.

I’m currently studying B.E Computer Science Engineering in Anna University, Regional Campus, Coimbatore. Apart from studies, I spend time reading books, coding and reading articles.

Computer Science

I can’t find a better name for this section as I think I’m not just a programmer. I mean, yes I’m one but not just one. 😉

I started coding at grade 9 (9th standard in Indian terms). For me, I was attracted to computers by video games. After a lot of web searches, I started with Python. Now after a few years, I know Python quite well. I also know basics of C, Java, JavaScript and Rust. My personal favorite is Python and Rust, because Python is simple and elegant and Rust has such a lovely compiler.

Free Libre and Open Source

I’m an advocate of free libre and open source (FLOSS) technologies with respect for privacy. Most of the software I used are based on this opinion. But there are some things, both proprietary and privacy destroying, that I have to use because of various social constraints.

Nerdy Cool Things

I use Doom Emacs, a configuration kit for GNU Emacs. For operating system, I use GNU Debian Linux. Simplicity is key!

Reading Preferences

I like books on fiction. Non-fiction is fine as long as it is not boring. I also love reading books on philosophy 🌟. I’m not an avid reader, but I try my best to complete at least one book a month. If you got a good book to share, don’t forget me!

Reading blogs and articles is also my way of passing time. I try to read anything that is mildly interesting.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for any feedback, comments and chit chat. For instant reply, use Telegram, for classic way, use email. The links are available in footer.