Arun Mani J

Looking for Alaska

29 June 2023
Looking for Alaska by John Green

I forgot this book completely. Yesterday at 2 AM, while thinking of completing the Malgudi Days, I suddenly got reminded of it.

So only ~200 pages? I can finish it.

Reminder to self - be careful when reading a love story 🥹.

This is really a paradoxical love mystery, and it reminded me of Norwegian Wood. The narration was simple and a little more explicit with American slang. Yea fine, Malgudi Days had Indian slang and so why not 😉.

The first part of the book was real fun. Full of events and happenings, it had the visual feel attached to it.

The second half became a real slow wheel. Grinding the same thing again and again and you feel like all the grinding was for nothing by the time you read the last page. If this was an Indian film, then the second part would be two songs and a 5 minutes scene.

But at least, the aroma of the first half, forces you to read the second. And the first part is good enough to tickle you with memories or worry you with the lack-of (like me) depending upon what kind of childhood you had and the school 😎.