Arun Mani J

The Graveyard Book

3 August 2023
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

This book was suggested to me by friend Mangesh.

The title of the book itself was interesting and had an aroma of fantasy around it. And as someone who loves fantasy like anything, I gave it a try.

The book has a very simple synopsis. A family is murdered by a skilled murderer but a baby manages to escape. This baby finds care in a graveyard by the very ghosts. But the murderer is still looking for the baby. So the story is all about how the boy (the grownup baby) meets the murderer and learns some really twisty secrets about why the murderer is very keen on killing him.

With such a simple overview, you can get a sorta story completion by reading the first and last few chapters. The intermediate chapters feel like some random happenings in the boy’s life. BUT. Only at the climax you get to understand why all these intermediaries were there in the first place. Each and everyone of them has a small contribution at the last.

The book has a nice narration and so you won’t be bored if you ready a chapter a day.

What disappointed me is that the ending was a little vague. It just leaves you incomplete without telling you what’s next?, as if there is a sequel.

Apart from that, the book was good!